Jess Mally is a London based writer, speaker, podcast host, creative and events producer, consultant and more.

With a passion for Social Change, Mental Health, the Arts and Spirituality she hopes to use any and all means available to her, to tell stories that shape a better world.

Jess grew up in Germany as the daughter of an African American military man and a mother born in the Czech Republic.

As a third culture kid and growing up as one of the only Black kids in her world, she has always been passionate about racial equality, justice and a better future for all.

After studying political science and sociology in Germany for a while, she chose to change paths and moved to the UK where she worked as a creative and events producer in the charitable sector for 8 years.

During that time, she has honed her creative, organisational and leadership skills and decided to go freelance in May 2019.

Today Jess works as a writer for various publications, consults and produces events for organisations aligned with her values, runs workshops, co-hosts a podcast and is actively involved in advancing the betterment of the Black Community in the UK and worldwide.

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