Ashley John-Baptiste is a TV Presenter and Senior Digital Reporter. Ashley is also a national motivational speaker.

In 2018 Ashley was shortlisted for 2018 Royal Television Society, Young Talent Award.

Having grown up in the care system from the age of four, he was shunted between five placements and had to navigate life with all the challenges that come with being a young mixed race boy in care.

Coming out on the other side, Ashley is now passionate about the outcomes of young people who, like himself, have had to face some of life’s harshest realities. His work ranges from speaking extensively to care kids across the UK, to reporting on the flaws in the system.

As part of that change, Ashley founded Be Inspired in 2019, to create a space for care experienced young people, that would help them take a hold of their future and dream beyond what they thought was possible.

By engaging world class speakers, bringing in experts to facilitate workshops and highlight career opportunities – and all with a dose of fun and entertainment – Ashley’s hope is that Be Inspired would help care experienced young people step into a better future.